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The bottom line is that given they aren’t taking in enough tax revenue to support the current $1.3 trillion in actually SS & Medicare payments, they will never be able to afford the tens of trillions of future payments currently obligated that they are recognizing through those accruals. They will change the rules because that is the only option they have. They’ve already manipulated the inflation stats so as to reduce the annual increases to something below real inflation. Each year they already quietly increase at a faster rate than inflation the level of wages SS tax is applied against. One of these days they will add a means test to reduce or eliminate SS for those with high assets, and then they will slowly lower the bar to where they are reducing SS for middle class people. Look at the Alternative Minimum Tax as an example. It started out for high earners and now it hits middle class people. In doing so, they will use the word “fair” as often as they can. They will keep raising the age for full SS from the current 67 for younger people until it gets to 70 (my guess), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they eliminate the reduced SS people can start at 62. The current breakeven for starting SS at 62 vs 66 (which is what I have to be be to collect full SS) is 12 years. They’ll change that one of these days so as to make the breakeven 20 or 30 years in an effort to discourage early retirements. Medicare eligible will rise from the current 65 to equal whatever the age requirement is for full SS. Those tens of trillions being accrued are on paper only. They will not be paid because they can’t.