No, I don’t need any help building my rig… already doing it. ’85 Suburban 3/4 ton (smog exempt), new big-block drivetrain, will have heavy bumpers front and rear. With a good cargo trailer, should be able to use it as a BOV if needs be, but should be strong enough to contend with anything else the typical civilian would have access to.

As for weapons, we’re pretty well stocked. Anything extra, will be “supplied” by those who won’t be needing said gear any more… can only buy so much, prep so much, before you have so much gear that you can’t carry- or haul- it. We’re right at that point. LOL. I would like to buy some body armor (and may do so before long), but my kids are too young to wear it, and my wife is too damned stubborn to see the value of it (oooh, it’s so HEAVY!!! ***sniff***).

My wife went through the USSR collapse, and she thinks it won’t be any worse than that. Of course, 50% of the population wasn’t relying on SNAP/welfare/WIC/handouts to survive… so when that goes bust, 1/2 the country will be hungry and desperate, with NO qualms about stealing from the “haves” like they’ve been doing for years/decades/their entire lives.

Which reminds me that we had an interesting conversation about two years ago…. deciding whether to ride out SHTF here in America, or in Russia (where I have the option of “escaping” to). Bottom line is that the governments of both countries are so utterly corrupt (regardless of whether it’s a “D” or “R” in the White House), that the only real difference is that we still have access to guns, here. LOTS of guns… so here we stay, for better or worse.

To all, thanks for the feedback. I apologize for being long-winded (have my D.Sc., it’s now sort of burned into my being, to be long-winded and talk about damn-near anything under the sun). :-D