Yes Whirlibird, it is part of their nature to be violent.

MountainBiker, white people are attacked and murdered – Not only on farms but at un alarming rate in urban areas. They also kill children and old people that can give very little resistance during their robberies. They are scared of strong white people, because our trained forces used to be very good. Some of them run the minute they find resistance. But most criminals are very experienced, with many years of killing and robbing, not getting caught, it becomes easy.

If you play with the thought more reasons may pop into your head. Three more reasons why some people are not leaving SA. Could be that they believe we might be safer here during Wold War III. I know that people are worried about the countries they are immigrating to. A few people are patriotic. They believe the people leaving are weak. And then there are people that are not aware of what is happening around them until they are a victim themselves.