There is a steady stream of white people leaving the country. A very strong stream of people from the African borders entering South Africa, taking black South Africans jobs and staying. Many Zimbabweans are well spoken, hard workers that do not strike like the locals. Un-employment rate of locals are very high and most people entering try to find accommodation as close as possible to their own people. Neighbourhoods are being taken over by Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Somaline’s, and Chinese… Everybody sticking together to feel safer (the very natural apartheid way)
I’ve been thinking about white South Africans not leaving the country. Reasons why they might still be here. Even asked myself, family, friends and hear people talking.
Most people would like to leave but do not know where to and/or how.
Gauteng, the strongest and smallest province in the country has the highest population and crime rate. Many white people moving towards the Cape Province (like Mosselbaai) and settle there for less money.
I know of people that battle to sell their properties. If you just leave or rent your property, it gets vandalized. Many people leave without selling. Properties electric cables, geysers, roofs, window frames get stolen and within weeks there are just a few bricks left on top of each other. The owner still being forced to pay high property tax… Renting it out, the better option, you may land up with people not paying rent and claim squatter rights (law in SA)
Some has got the qualifications or enough money to leave but do not want to leave their family behind.
And then there is the typical white South African streak -That part of our nature.
We simply do not give up.

Somewhere in the mixture of our history or family ties to Dutch, German, French…even Spanish sailors we learned to endure hardship. And after many centuries we learned to be patient working with our black South African friends in real African time (very slow)
We also keep on adapting to our circumstances. It is not fair towards the children and older people to live and die the way they do. Because it might not be their choice to stay. That makes me sad.
I pray for guidance on how to leave my country.
Trying not to leave my son at home for too long (with old black lady) I see the red papers marking my property (expect armed resistance). The men on the corner this morning gave me a chill down my spine. The way they looked in the corner of their eye. I phoned and asked the lady to keep all doors locked. I could not shake the feeling and tried to get back home as quickly as possible. When your body reads body language that send adrenalin through your system, you tend to get worried. :)