Lone Eagle
Lone Eagle

We’ve all heard the moniker: Gun control works. Just ask [insert list of evil dictators here]. History is an excellent teacher, if one would only listen.

That said, how many here could make their own firearms/weapons if need be? I had a guy teach me the “art” of making black powder(BP for short) and weapons. Unlike modern powders, true BP(not the Trip 7 or modern BP) generates less pressure, and is more forgiving. A few years ago, I got into kit building. You can find both rifle and pistol kits, and they do not fall under the current definition of firearms in the US. For the rifle kits, the stock is the bulk of the work, finish sanding, bedding the action, and finishing the wood. Most pistol kits have the grips already finished/fitted. Assembly can take as little as an hour(most pistols) to days(depending on how wild you go on your rifle). The upside is they are rated for modern BP products.

I also learned how to reload most any shell with BP and a few paper caps or a strike anywhere match head for a primer. Smelly and smokey….yep. Effective? Yep. The downside is it renders most modern semi-autos a straight pull bolt action. I’ve shot some BP through my AK, and it simply cannot generate the pressure needed to cycle the action. The upside is all that power is going into pushing the bullet, making it slightly more accurate. For now, I simply use it for my wheel guns and a couple of BP kits I built.

Never challenge a man who has nothing left to lose.