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Freedom I have been watching and wondering the same thing why aren’t folks more concerned about this but there’s been a lot of bait and switch stuff going on of late its like the shell game you see con artist carrieng on in streets,I been watching this awhile now listening to supposed experts their saying if you see it fall below 15000 its crashing,I think were in for a bumpy ride on many fronts,monetarily,these civil disobedience riots,terrorists,food shortages world wide,funny money (fiat) the country’s been printing for some time,all the mideastern problems unrest ,seems like its all boiling down,to global economic collapse,can’t see how it can’t happen soon,this is great for every power hungry leader in the world,esoically here ,civil disobedience, declare martial law,world war declair martial law,elections stop ,there are some seriously sneaky bad things on the horizon and I think in the works for us ,thank god for the knowledge and foresight to be able to look down the pike and know we’ve prepared all we know how to ,prayed as often as we can ,looked not blindly but from history’s view point and knowledge from gods word and common sense.