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I think an unarmed population is a people on the verge of tyranny,any govt.that wants to disarm their own people can have nothing but bad intentions,its that simple ,common sense dictates unarmed can’t even defend their own selves or nation from foreign invasion,so the only truly logical conclusion is,a govt.that disarms their citizens has bad intentions of domination,tyranny. I learned as a very young child how vulernable anyone is that’s unarmed,have carried a weapon almost literally as long as I can remember,I’ve never regretted having it,but the few times I didn’t I truly , luckily,survived to regret it,there are few things in life more valuable ,maybe 3,food water,family,god,country,freedom to have and enjoy all the above comes with a price,being able to hold on to these things requires a willingness to fight for them ,against people that you can’t talk to ,reason with,or otherwise desuade,a weapon is a levler of the playing field,the willingness to use it only if needed a requirement if you value life, liberty and the freedom to enjoy it,I will try all other means if possible,but faced with blind hate for me or my family’s lives I will not hesitate,I will not shoot to wound ,I will kill ,run if possible,yes,if you back a dog in a corner it will either cowl or fight,humans aren’t that different in that respect,if its them or me ,its going to be them to the best of my ability,if that makes me a bad person in someone’s eyes ,sorry, I’m too old and lived too long to lay down and let someone simply give someone my life I’ll make them take it ,if and when its over and I survive and they don’t ,I’ll do my crying ,and try my best to let it go ,a clear conscience doesn’t mean there’s no sorrow for the taking of a life but if its them or me they thought they could afford to take that chance,it would be forsed on me ,I’m for me and mine,every time.