What I have a problem with:

Should there be gun control laws?
Yes, but not the ones considered by the gun grabbers.

Oh? So, only gun control laws that you personally agree with. Okay. Because since before NFA34, there were no federal gun control laws… at all.

Felons should not be able to possess.

Used to be in this country, long before any of us were alive, if a fellow got crossways with the law and went to prison, when he was released, he was considered ‘square with the house’. His debt to society paid in full... His rights that were understandably suspended while he was in the Stoney Lonesome were restored in full. Period. End of story.

Federal prosecutors get felony convictions not based on law anymore, but on violations of regulations. Dig a hole in the wrong spot, and you might end up being convicted of a felony because the EPA recently declared your area some “wetland” or other… or perhaps it has some “endangered” bug or weed that nobody ever heard of…

Then there’s the whole laughable “war on drugs”…. not going to argue that it’s a racket, designed to make certain people very, very rich and increase the power of a select few at the expense of the many…. I’m just going to point out how equally laughable it is to throw someone in prison for years because they happened to have some plant or other, or decided as an adult to consume a particular substance…

The Framers would be rolling in their graves knowing we strip people of their rights – permanently – over such things as growing what George Washington grew on his own farm…

If a person cannot be trusted with all their rights outside of prison, if they are that dangerous, then I suggest we not release them from prison… ever.

Those who are mentally a danger to themselves and others should not be able to possess.

Uh huh… and just who gets to decide what constitutes a mental illness serious enough to revoke someone’s rights? To the point where they’re thrown in a mental institution?

This means you are locked up because you are suicidal.

Being suicidal is not being mentally ill. A person who has terminal cancer or perhaps the human version of Mad Cow… that is a horrifying way to die. If they want to off themselves, then that should be their choice and not you – nor anyone else – gets to make a judgement call on it…

…or like the Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters are on heavy psychotropic drugs, no guns.

So, to play devil’s advocate here…. if someone is on a drug that might – not with 100% certainty, or even “most of the time”, but might – cause them to have a psychotic break, do we really need to have laws on the books for that? Seriously? It says right on the bottle for most of that stuff that there might be some serious side effects. Mostly for kids and young adults. If a parent gives their kids that stuff and lets them have access to not only the gun cabinet, but any sharp or pointy object, then they have no earthly business being a parent.

People who are generally opposed to violence also usually have no problem petitioning the Government to use force in their stead, up to and including shooting someone to death. Which is my problem with the “there aughta be a law!” crowd…

A little depression or PTSD, big deal.

Nice of you to exclude yourself (and me) from that list…. others wouldn’t be so kind…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1