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I agree with everything whirlibird said.

I think there is a pretty strong case to be made that more gun control results in more gun crime, mainly because criminals know that the odds are in their favor that their victims won’t be armed.

Sadly, political correctness prohibits society having an honest discussion on the relationship of guns and crime. There is something like 100,000,000 gun owners in America but only a very tiny fraction ever commit a crime using a gun. The majority of gun crimes are committed by urban black and Mexican/Central American/South American gang members, usually drug related. Gun control folks in MA and NY do not like VT because whereas they have draconian gun laws, VT has virtually no gun laws. You do not need a license to carry open or concealed in VT. At age 16 you can buy handguns without parental permission. You can possess a handgun under age 16 with parental permission. I don’t think there are any age restrictions on long guns. VT is a liberal “blue” State and so is very much an anomaly in the US in that gun-friendly laws are typically associated with conservative “red” States. What are the results in VT? With Maine, VT is more or less tied for the lowest per capita violent crime rate in the country. We average about 10 homicides a year. The pro-gun lobbies might say that’s because most households in VT have guns. Perhaps, but the reality is likely closer to the fact that we don’t have any large cities (biggest is Burlington at 42,000 people) and that we have virtually no diversity (roughly ties with Maine for being the least diverse State in the US. Just as in every other State, there are plenty of drugs in VT, but we lack the urban gangs that shoot each other up on a daily basis. That’s the key difference. Political correctness doesn’t let us talk about that however when the official answer has to be that we need more gun control. The reality is that little VT is left out of all the national gun control discussions because we represent an inconvenient truth. It is a rare day that anything happens here that makes national news and so we’re easy to ignore. Most Americans probably couldn’t find us on a map let alone care about the reality of guns in VT.