Everybody welcome to post here, P1lgr1m. I am sorry to read this. It tends to hit hard when horrible things like this happens so close to home. Where you are supposed to feel safe from the outside world. Houses and business have been robbed within 2 km radius from my house with those assault rifles as well. It really makes you think..


“A 39-year-old man was allegedly shot and killed and his wife brutally attacked during a house robbery in Pelzvale, Randfontein on Friday. …the attack was so severe that she only regained consciousness for a short while the next day, in which time she managed to alert neighbours of what happened.She was rushed to a local Hospital where she was treated for severe head and facial injuries”

People should switch the lights off inside the house if their dogs/ robo guards alert them. They should not go outside. I have bought night vision goggles – not the best kind, but it helps. I also put a bulletproof vest on when I hear something. Your weapon, flashlight, house keys and shoes should be within reach when you go to bed. ..My dear friends, I am not a nut job. I am a single mom living in South Africa. Hoping my son will not have to witness his mother being raped and my face smashed to a pulp.
http://rekordcenturion.co.za/34192/six-mini-substations-vandalised-one-week/ Centurion still under ‘attack’
People should know that they are really not safe this time of year. Stay alert – even during the day.