Having helped the victims of crime, and violent crime for a decade, I will never be without a firearm.

There is one item that can even the odds between a 6’3″ thug and 5’2″ granny gums, and that’s a firearm and the willingness to use it.

Some people recommend martial arts, and these can be great but a disparity of size, age, and more make this unworkable. Some years ago in a martial arts class during full contact sparring, I was paired with a highly skilled young lady. Much better than myself, she may have weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. She performed a perfect roundhouse kick, the problem? I was literally twice her size and stood my ground.
The kick struck, and she fell down. That whole immovable object thing.

Almost every day we read stories of elderly people defending themselves against home invaders, without a firearm most of these people are literally defenseless. A broken bone or serious bruise may be fatal to them because of blood clots, and a general inability to heal. That gun is their only viable defense.

As a former law enforcement officer, I encourage everyone who is able and legal to possess and carry a defensive handgun as much as possible.

Should there be gun control laws?
Yes, but not the ones considered by the gun grabbers.

Felons should not be able to possess.
Those who are mentally a danger to themselves and others should not be able to possess. This means you are locked up because you are suicidal, are seeing dragons crawling out of the walls, or like the Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters are on heavy psychotropic drugs, no guns. A little depression or PTSD, big deal.

That’s basically it.