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Leopard, hope you don’t mind me chiming in here, but this one struck a chord for me.


This happened last night in Kemptonpark, in the suburb next to ours and roughly 2km from me. Our Community Policing Forum (CPF) had a call to action for an unrelated matter very close to this, when the news came through.The suspects were armed with “long guns” and by the description probably R4 or R5 assault rifles, for those that don’t now, these are based on the Galil and used exclusively by our military and police and they “loose” or “misplace” thousands every year.

From what we have been able to gather, the thugs jumped the wall, gained entry into the house and surprised the daughter. She then started screaming and upon hearing this the father came charging at them. The thugs turned and ran out the house and once the father came out they ambushed/shot him, before fleeing.

Now, if only this father had a firearm with him, he could easily have taken them inside the house as he had the element of surprise and then have stayed inside the house and waited for help to arrive as they fled…