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Have you had a look at the Glock range? For what you are needing, I would suggest the G26 or at a push the G42, although the latter is in .380ACP and capacity is limited.

I personally use a full size Glock 17 Gen 3 as my EDC weapon (in South Africa we have to have the weapon covered/concealed and I manage it without any hassle), as this is the pistol I have the most trigger time with. I am not a fan of lasers or other funny things on a weapon that will primarily be used for SD and would rather suggest getting some good quality aftermarket sights and if for home use a weapon mounted light.

Also not knowing how bad things are by you, but here in SA you never hear of an armed robbery, home invasion or other contact crime where there was only one suspect. The majority of the time it is at least three or more criminals and they tend to be very well armed and willing to shoot, so for this reason I always advise people to carry as many spare magazines as they possibly can.

Hope this helps your decision a bit.