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I believe our economy will crash around September of next year. This may cause some to roll their eyes but i was reading the other day about the cycles our economy follows in comparison to the Jewish calendar. I don’t remember the exact numbers but something like 80% of the notable dives in our economy have happened seven years apart and during a shmita year. They also have coincided with specific Jewish holidays. The Jewish calendar is different than ours and their yearly holidays fall on different dates from year to year by our calendar. Anyway without going into a long explination based on what i read it could happen in either May or September. The waythings are going and the actikns our government is taking i believe it will be an orchestrated event that will parallel these time frames. I don’t think the government is following the calendar but coincidentally i believe it will happen during one of these time frames. To me it would make sense for our government to cause an effect and then wait until many have died and others are desperate and then take over. A lot of people will roll over and submit just to get something to eat. It is a similar strategy that was used on Hitler. Who ever has been in the background playing his O puppet will come forward and “save the day”.