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I agree that revolvers can be in bad working order like anything else. Where the revolver actually got it’s rep for ‘reliability’ is, if it’s in good working order, it generally doesn’t risk the feed issues that auto’s can suffer from. That rep came quite a long time ago.

Nowadays, with good, factory ammo, that isn’t so much an issue with autos like it was many moons ago when revolvers still dominated the market. Yet, at the same time, a larger percentage of revolvers, especially many that are coming in from foreign makers, suffer from a lack of QC. Even some domestic brands will turn out a lemon, and some brands of imports are better than others. All need to be checked out and shot quite a bit to see if there are any problems that need to be dealt with ahead of time.

Unless you pay good $$ for a revolver, like from S&W or Ruger for example, getting a new manufactured revolver that doesn’t have issues is hit and miss.

For the purposes of extreme survival, revolvers have an advantage in that it’s easier to fabricate ammo by expedient means and have them work well than an auto. For example, soft lead bullets, blackpowder, homemade cases, etc.

For modern street survival in todays screwed up reality, revolvers also have an advantage in that they don’t fling pieces of brass evidence all over the place. Even if you are in the right, you may decide that you need to boogie, and the less material you leave at the scene the better. This gives you more options in an extreme situation. This type of scenario stands a good chance of becoming more prevailant as time goes on, especially for civilians who live in high crime localities with oppressive gun laws.