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Economically globalization and a trend towards socialism has caused us to be in decline for decades even if the Titans of Wall St & DC did a great job of papering it over, and so on one hand it is plausible to think it can go on for another year. Nothing goes on forever however and it seems the cracks in the system are growing wider. That said, barring a crippling cyber attack or other form of WWIII breaking out, I think the economy will hold out for another year. It won’t hold out forever but I’m sure it has at least another year left to it.

The greater concern I have for the next year is a crippling cyber attack or other form of WWIII breaking out. There I’m not as confident that we’ll just see more of the same for another year. I say this because it seems like the pace of cyberwar is increasing as are the number of hot spots around the world. Our enemies are growing more bold, perhaps because they know we’ve got an amateur in the Whitehouse, or perhaps because they are finally ready to act. Maybe both.

At a personal level, unless war or personal tragedy comes to my doorstep, I don’t see my life changing to any significant degree in the next year. I will just keep plugging along at building my personal self sufficiency, but if it all fell apart tomorrow, I am already in a better position than most.