There is the problem, it can’t go off, even if needed. And if needed, it’s normally needed right now.

We have Constitutional Carry here also, but go 3 miles west of town, and you need one (Utah).
Thank you reciprocity.

Guns don’t go off by themselves loaded or not. The video of the Taurus misfiring still required the operator to shake the gun.
With modern (non defective) designs the trigger must be pulled for the gun to go off.
Even the 1911 with the much maligned Series 80 safety can’t go of without the trigger being pulled.

And yes, I have students who are afraid of a loaded gun, that’s one reason why they take the class.
I put on a ‘safety’ class a while back for a group of teachers/admin types who don’t shoot, don’t want to, but need to know which end is the dangerous one and how to “defang” the beast if the occasion requires it. I.E., a loaded gun turned in at school or found in an obvious place outdoors.

I have a mother/daughter scheduled for a Feb class, the daughter literally just had an AD while out shooting, thankfully missing mom and only blackening her finger. Let’s just say she’s a lot more apprehensive about guns now.

I don’t blame the victim, I’ve seen too many instances of just plain bad timing.
We had a gent here in nowhere who decided to get himself killed.
He went into a gunshop and tried to get them to kill him, when that didn’t happen, he fired a shot back into the store with a rifle. He previously had fired shots into a couple of houses.
Anyone in that store at the time would have been justified and legal to punch his ticket.
I missed being part of the incident by less than 5 minutes.

A grocery store I used to frequent got hit one night, not half an hour after I had shopped there.
Wasn’t in the ‘hood’ or a bad area, just happened to be open at 1am.

Several home invasions I helped out investigations with, the homeowner didn’t have time to do anything but draw and fire as the skel came through the door, sometimes over them.

As to defensive long guns, chamber empty is fine.
You have time to retrieve a long gun, you have time to charge it.
But the defensive handgun is carried exactly for that purpose, defense.
Most defensive situations are at bad breath range, that’s why we carry handguns, they can be used at that range effectively, and immediately.

In too many situations the shooter could be injured or killed before they could deploy a condition three firearm, if they remembered to chamber a round in the panic. Time is a luxury in most defensive situations.
It takes an average of 1.5 seconds to perform the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), adding time to that is putting yourself that much closer to danger or injury.

I’ve never subscribed to blaming the victim, too much like blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt.
Or the statement by the 40 year old suspect in one of my last sex assault cases, “she had it coming, she was coming onto me.” She was 10.