And yes LEOs do look at loaded chamber, but not the way you’d expect.

You aren’t carrying loaded chamber, you’re not experienced enough to be carrying or you’re afraid of your own gun.
You’re not carrying chamber loaded, you’re not feeling threatened enough to carry a fully loaded gun? So why are you carrying?
If you have gone through the process to carry a CCW, be serious about it.

The people the cops look down upon carrying chamber loaded or even at all are the criminals, drunks and stupid people. Dont fit one of those categories and its nothing really.

For those who subscribe to Israeli carry, take a serious look at both why they do it and what it really takes to get your gun into action in an emergency.

The Izzys do so from military training.
Military training with handguns normally leaves much to be desired, here also. It was developed back when the Izzys had a hodge podge of arms dating back to the turn of the century, a mixed bag of styles, safeties and methods of operation. It was easier to train everyone to just rack the slide to make the guns operational than teach every different method.

Since most Izzy training is through the military or the instructors come out of the military, this is what you get.

Now as most of us go through life with something in our hands, carrying something, holding something, hanging onto something, the need for two hands to operate a concealed weapon is ludicrous.
This is something that normally there is no time to make ready, to load, to fidle with when we are stressed.
This is a fine motor skill of sorts, and under stress people commomly screw up, jamming the gun, depressing safeties, etc.

With the one handed part, how many of us are going to be uaing our off hand to get our wife and kids out of the way instead of fiddling with the slide? I have a 10 year old who will have to be carried or at least prodded to move in the right direction. My hands will be full, one with a gun, the other getting door handles, operating a flashlight, etc.

Its a handgun, not a handsgun. Practice and train accordingly.

In almost every class I put on someone brings up this style of carry.
We discuss it and then go through it when we get to the life fire portion of the class. Moving targets from 75 feet to 0.
Its amazing how many people mess up, miss and just can’t make telling hits suddenly. And this is after a dry run of the targets so they see what is going to happen.

And that’s using two hands, now try the same using only one. That little LC9 doesn’t shag on a pants leg or belt too easily.
Low profile sights are cute, but have some real failings when it comes to fighting.

There isn’t a modern gun out there that isn’t defective, that isnt completely safe fully loaded.