<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>Have a picture on the computer, somewhere, I will try to find and post.<br>
Top strap of a large frame wheel gun blown off! Seems when the round<br>
under the hammer went off it cooked off rounds on both sides. Still<br>
trying to understand that but think it was the maker of the round.<br>

Double charged cartridge.
Didn’t cook them off, you will note that the round on the right has been fired, the one on the left the bullet is still present, the case just gave way/gets torn away when cylinder support was gone, the powder burning or just getting scattered to the winds.

Reloaders without experience, distractions and just plain ignorance cause this commonly.

There’s a lot of this that happens, generally a double charge of fast burning powder in a large capacity case, such as a .44 Mag.

There was a great article in American Handgunner a couple years back, about this exact happening, I’ll try and find it again.