Q1 & 2: The slow grind, the death spiral will continue. 35 years later and zim still hasn’t imploded, 22 years later, the same for South Africa.
It may get better, it may get more difficult. But that’s what’s always happened, periods of boom and bust.

Q4: Of course, both in reality but also because of the disinformation cowpath. A shrew in Hokkaido Japan can’t fart without a researcher in Antarctica being able to watch it 5 minutes later. With the proliferation of cameras, linked phones and such, the terrs themselves are making sure the world doesn’t miss anything.
Let alone the near instaneous media coverage, the dust hasn’t settled and live feeds happen for days.

Q5: We have been much closer.
The general public just didn’t know.

The problem put into a different analogy is that we have a room full of Malainois K9s, highly trained and experienced. You throw an Afghan in the room, with its empty head, and expect it to keep up?
Sure its “pretty” amd friendly, but useless in comparison. Such is our leader and his cronies.

So is there one on the horizon? There always is. The difference is, previously we had professionals running the show. Even the much maligned Bush II knew more how the world worked and what to do.
Remember what his daddy did at the CIA?

Q3: Much is going to depend on our decisions rather than some global agenda. I have no control over what happens in the Golan Heights nor Chicago Heights and bluntly if either side takes over it means nothing to me in reality and will have no effect on me practically.

Things may be tight for us indidually but the odds of calamity striking us all is beyond belief.

Congress wil tell Zero to go pound sand, yet do nothing with much substance.
Comrade Bob will finally succumb to something and a power vacuum will occur effecting SA heavily, the Chinese will finally have Africa under their control.
Meanwhile on the home front, preppers will continue to be ridiculed, and will fall out of the popular press as it were. Shows like Doomsday Preppers will be off the air and a Honey Boo Boo sequel will be announced.
.22 will finally be available and priced normally.
People will finally start buying American rather than cheap imported junk, boosting our economy and tanking that of china.
The Boers finally have enough and take and keep the Cape, Orania expands to a territory, both gain UN support and recognition.

Okay some may be reaches, but they could happen.
Whatever happens, keep your powder dry, I’m afraid we may need it soon.