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This is the survival kit I keep in the hollow synthetic buttstock of my 12ga pump shotgun (I have a similar kit in the hollow synthetic buttstock of my Ruger 10/22.). This is essentially a backup survival kit in case I get separated from other survival gear.

The shotgun has a side pouch that straps onto the buttstock that holds some extra ammo, a cleaning kit, a couple of chokes, some emergency gun parts, a flat choke wrench, a couple of allen wrenches, and adapters for .410, 20ga, and a rifled .22LR adapter. In there is also a small phillips screwdriver I use as both a takedown tool for the shotgun and as a tool to remove the buttpad to access the emergency survival kit.

The items in the emergency survival kit are non-perishable, except for the water purification tabs which I change out once a year. I keep a small supply of 550 paracord on the weapon also, but not inside the buttstock.

A pet peeve of mine are survival kits that don’t include a real knife of some kind that is good enough quality to take and keep a real edge. I also view scissors as extremely useful in a survival kit. If the knife doesn’t have scissors on it, I’ll try and toss into a survival kit, in addition to the knife, either a pair if folding scissors or a small Victorinox Classic that has scissors. A real pair of tweezers is also a must, especially in areas that have cactus. A small pair from a cosmetics department in any store will do. The tiny tweezers in a Swiss Army Knife usually are not tough enough for the job at hand, especially with cactus spines.

Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Huntsman
Diamond hone
Magnesium fire tool
Tweezers (strong enough to remove a cactus spine)
Fishing gear (lures, fishhooks, swivels, split shot)
Sewing gear (several sewing needles and safety pins)
180ft (54.86m) of 50lb strength ‘Spiderwire’ (extremely strong fiber style fishing line that can also be used as sewing thread)
Snare wire
Nylon cord (bank line) – 45ft (13.7m)
A sealed bottle of 50 Aqua-Pure water purification tablets
Heavy duty Ziploc bag, 1qt (.956 liter) for holding water that needs to be purified (in case a canteen or some other container isn’t available)
Aluminum foil 1ftx3ft (30.48 cm x 91.44 cm)
Small pencil