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S&W redesigned the crane and retention system for the big bore guns. The crane is the weakest point on most revolvers. The rearward forces bends the crane back and it pivots downward. This put pressure on the center pin and retention hole. A lot of S&W 357, 41, & 44′s have elongated center pin holes because of this force. On your gun that has been fixed. I would expect that you could shoot a few thousand rounds before you see significant wear.

Not quite, Newtonian law.
The frame moves in recoil, but the cylinder being a large mass attempts to stay in place. This is what causes center pin damage and hole elongation.
That and shooters doing the Alan Ladd cylinder flip to close the gun.

The redesign is to try and give more support/strength to combat this. Its not so much a fix as an attempt to improve what’s there.