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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Whirlibird wrote:</div>Why?<br>
Very simple.

Look back into history, the banks back in the 30′s had issues, people heard there were runs on the bank and that created runs on the banks where they hadn’t existed before.

People are stupid.<br>
Given the right stimulus, they’ll burn down their own towns.<br>

They don’t panic, the people won’t panic,

Its really creative destruction. 18 trillion unaccountably down the tube. Who can keep track of such enormous sums. A trillion here a trillion there. People should panic (computer hackers just crushed Sony). But in the big depression of the 30s they either walked away from their tools or joined the lines at the soup kitchen. And others got out of the cities and survived growing their own food and kept what money they had in cash. We got a lot more stupid people today, the breeding program has been a hugh suckcess.