<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Brulen wrote:</div>Whirlibird … Just wondering if you teach a class for armed security guard? In addition to the ccw. I can see all the points you’re making but recently reading Ayoob Deadly Force I was wondering if Zimmerman would not have had to go thru so much B S if he had a armed security guard license.

Where I am I don’t have to specifically list a main ccw gun and of course I have multiple guns that I carry at different times and in different places. I don’t consider .32A to be an all round all purpose gun for every situation I would ever encounter.

Nothing specific, however I have done classes for security/bondsmen before.

There are several problems with a security license, first you are setting yourself up as being more responsible and knowledgeable than the average person. Myself for example, being the instructor, and an ex cop, I am held to a higher standard than the rank and file person. That’s ability and legal knowledge.

Secondly, operating outside your area of responsibility.
Unless you’re on duty and within your jurisdiction, you have taken everything on, yourself.

Zimmerman was stuck, without video of the incident, and even then, there’s always some argument for deescalation, disparity of size and more.

Right now, it really doesn’t matter some places, the fuses are already lit.
The mobs, and that’s what they are, are demanding justice, mob justice not legal justice, regardless of the facts or evidence.

Its funny, I watch sharpton and the other race baiters and see nothing more than a klan mob from the ’30’s but a ‘negative’ copy.

Ayoob puts forth some great info, I tend to agree with much of what he says, but one must remember one point, his is an east coast experience. There are different laws and processes in other parts of the country/states, do your research.