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74…. Very true. Several of these cases lately are completely driven by politics and the media.

Again, I see lots of different thoughts and CCW preferences. The one thing that always escapes these discussions is as such: How many people carry at the gym? How about the beach? Tshirt and shorts while working in the yard or while in your PJ’s as you cruise around your home? I can tell you this: I do…. When I am not at work, I always have a pistol on me. Even when I am at the river or while lifting weights at the gym. Why and how? Again, I carry a small pistol at all times and move to a bigger one when I can. At no time does my clothing restrict my carry due to what I carry.

I said it before and I will mention it again because I think it was ignored: Get something that YOU WILL CARRY. If you are comfortable with carrying a full sized 1911 to the beach and have enough belly rolls to keep from printing while wearing only swim trunks, then do that. If you think that using a shoulder holster, appendix rig, inside the waistband, etc. will work at all times then you really either have no clue, no variety in life or wear a coat even while showering…. Very ridiculous to think that one solution will cover all basis. You are going to have gaps in your solution, so decide what is best for you: Hand cannon that you don’t carry or pea shooter that is always with you. Those are pretty much the two extremes….. You could always do what I do and carry and unloaded and locked up bigger caliber pistol in your vehicle and a pea shooter all the time. At least you would have back up if you could get to your truck.