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MountainBiker, there are 12 tissue salts. Here’s a quick overview. (I don’t have much experience with using tissue salts so I have no opinions on this treatment.)

“1. Nat Mur (Sodium Chloride). Use this tissue salt when there are watery symptoms such as tearing, running nose or urinating too much. It’s also great for bringing up a sweat in hot weather. Symptoms are worse in hot weather and evening. Symptoms are too dry someplace and too wet someplace else.
2. Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate). Look for yellow excretions particularly in the eye or dripping out the nose. Even with these two remedies you can already see how useful they could be. This is also the remedy for acidic conditions such as sour stomach.
3. Nat Sulph (Sodium Sulphate). This is the remedy for symptoms that are worse in the morning no matter what they are.
4. Kali Mur (Potassium Chloride). This remedy is for white secretions. Think pimples with white stuff inside. It’s also for clear, egg white, slimy secretions. The difference between Nat Mur and Kali Mur is whether the substance feels watery (NM) or slippery (KM). Symptoms are worse from motion or rich and fatty foods.
5. Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate). This is the ultimate cell salt remedy for ‘nerves’. You can bang your thumb and set your nerves right off. You can have a headache and experience pain (these are nerves) or you can feel nervous or stressed. Those with nerve/pain issues should try Kali Phos. Symptoms are relieved by gentle motion, eating, rest, excitement or anything that diverts the mind.
6. Kali Sulph (Potassium Sulphate). This remedy is used for all symptoms that are worse in the evening. It’s also a great skin remedy when there are yellow secretions. Symptoms are also worse in a warm room and better from cool, fresh air.
7. Calc Phos (Calcium Phosphate). We have 57% of this salt in our bones so it’s great for bone aches and growing pains (Ah now you are learning … pain/nerves = Kali Phos + Calc Phos for bones). This might help. You’ll only know if you try and pay attention. It’s also good for teeth. Symptoms are relieved by rest, warmth and lying down.
8. Calc Fluor (Calcium Fluoride). This remedy is great for the tissue that holds us all together, called connective tissue. It’s great for strained backs, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It’s part of the enamel of the teeth. The symptoms are worse in damp weather and relieved by rubbing.
9. Calc Sulph (Calcium Sulphate). Along with Kali Sulph, this is a great skin remedy. This one is used when healing of skin is slow. This also means the skin constantly has problems. Symptoms are worse by getting wet, washing or working in water.
10. Ferrum Phos (Iron Phosphate). This is the remedy you take when there is any inflammation or anything that gets red like sore throats or fevers with red face. It builds blood, so it’s great when you’re tired. Symptoms are worse by motion and relieved by cold.
11. Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate). This is a great remedy for cramps, spasms or convulsions. It can be taken with Kali Phos (nerves/pain). Symptoms are worse from cold air, water and by touch. They get better from heat, firm pressure, friction and bending double.
12. Silicea (Silica). This remedy is found in hair, nails, skin and the covering of bones and nerves. It’s a great skin remedy. For example if you have boil or pimples that haven’t come to a head then Silicea is the remedy. If the skin problem isn’t healing, then use Calc Sulph.”

Here’s some more information: http://www.cellsaltstissuesaltsworld.com/.