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Roger on the not being trimmed by the power company, they are hired to keep the trees away from the lines, not how the trees look after trimming. Many years ago, I installed phones in a rural area. One old guy chased the phone people away everytime they came to talk to him about trimming his trees, which were right under the telephone and power lines. He had chased the power people away so often, they had decided to wait for the trees to interfere with his service and then they were going to tell him that they had to cut the trees or he would never get his electricity back.
I was tasked by my boss to get them trimmed, regardless of how long it took because I had fixed his phone once and so he knew me. I asked if he could take time from his schedule to work with me to get them trimmed properly. We never had any problem with him after that except I was the only person he would let trim his trees, regardless of where I was located. He was a personal friend of one of the VIPs in AT&T. The company even had me out in a suit, on one of my visits to that end of the state, trimming his trees. Ron S