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Tukie2, do you just grind up the frankincense or myrrh and put it directly on the wounds?

I’ve never used ionic silver internally either. I have a friend who used in internally for worms she picked up in South America. Personally, I would use diatomaceous earth for worms. I have used this remedy on livestock and our warehouse cat seasonally with good results.


I have used essential oils internally but I know what you mean about controversy. I don’t do it anymore. If I use the EOs I cut them with olive oil or coconut oil and use them externally… But even this is an issue. Many EOs have endocrine disrupters, most with an estrogenic effect. :(

Tukie2, I just read about a natural, wound closure method. Damp, rose petals will dry and shrink, making a natural wound closure. Apparently, these petal closures are quite tough. (I haven’t tried this yet.)