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Considering modern medicine is only the plant part that works in the homeopathic remedy, I find it fascinating that the doctors don’t trust homeopathic remedies…all they did was find the part that worked in a plant and synthesized it….that is where the side effects in modern meds come from. I have used Frankincense and myrrh interchangeably for wounds, skin infections…they are massively potent antibacterials. Before surgery after surgery etc. topically. I DON’T use EOs internally..many people say you can, but I won’t, there is too much controversy. I love Colloidal silver…I have a friend who makes it and sends me some. I make into a cream or ointment….also another one I wouldn’t use internally UNLESS death is imminent anyway, then maybe as a last ditch resort. That is only my opinion though.
On the dogs, I’d use a diluted solution of Chamomile oil or tea, tea tree oil and lavender oil…that is great for rashes.