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Hi, tukie2. How have you personally used frankincense?

I have almost completely gone over to homemade remedies in my household. I find ionic (colloidal) silver is very good for the whole range of infections: bacteria, virus and fungus. Actually, ionic silver gel has replaced antibiotic cream in my first aid kit. My second line of defend is Logul’s solution (iodine) which can also be used for emergency water treatment. Iodine is known for healing deep wounds from the inside out, so I reserve this treatment for deep wounds or wounds that don’t response to ionic silver.

I don’t tend to concern myself with speedy healing because I want the body to do its own thing. I do have a Calendula flower based salve for helping healing.


Since you are talking about woo woo treatments, I have had a lot of success with homeopathic treatments with my children. My rational mind has no idea how homeopathic remedies could possibility work but experiments have proven my rational mind doesn’t know everything! (I do buy the homeopathic treatments but they are very inexpensive and have lasted our family a long time. I have never tried making the remedies at home though it is possible to make the less potent remedies.) If I get the remedy right my girls will fall into a deep sleep and be well, or much better in the morning. Strange…

Here’s my woo woo first aid kit!