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I think diversity is not a bad thing within a tribe. It is when the people of a community divide into the same type only tribes is where things get squirrely. I divide people into 3 categories; The very good ( true Saintly people). The very bad (pure evil). And the rest of us, somewhere in-between good and bad.
However, most humans have not evolved enough to see others beyond superficial differences.

The article brings attention to human weakness that has devastating results to those caught somewhere in-between battle lines/grounds. The CWII Cube allows you to chart where you are in the cube of potential mayhem. The other consideration not covered in the CWII Cube is other factors and divisions that can place you in the way of harm. But using the Cube as the blueprint for other calculations is possible.

Drug addicts(street and pharmaceuticals) / Alcoholics /. Tobacco smokers / Sex Trade
LEOs/ Gangs/ Law breakers/ Rambo warriors/ gun ownership/ lack of gun ownership all are sub-division concerns beyond race and statues conflicts of an area.

My location is safe and manageable within the community. And troublemakers will be wise to behave. We have rare LEO presence here and trouble is dealt with within the community usually. However, if outsiders come to cause hell here ? I can see/ have seen a fast response to the threat. How well will we do in an all out SHTF ? Only afterwards, will tell the outcome. I choose this community to re-establish in, 20 years ago for its positive aspects and low negative aspects.