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That is my biggest worry, my son and I are alone up here. Last spring we had a white out blizzard…the drive from town normally takes about an hour, it took me almost 5 to get home and I was the only one on the roads…but I couldn’t leave my son alone…we have woodstoves and dogs, but the power goes out all the time, and he is at the age, that he doesn’t always pay attention and would be scared. I got home and he had his bow and arrows loaded and sitting by his side. He stated a man tried to steal the horses….he was letting them out of the pasture..but our horses don’t trust other people and were making it really hard and the dogs went off hearing him. My son locked the doors so he couldn’t come in the back way and then let the dogs out…He took his bow and the guy jumped the back fence and ran off. We don’t get sheriff up here, takes too long to get help, and the blizzard they wouldn’t have made it. My son acted way better than I thought he would, but I told him he should have stayed in the house….if we lose the horses that is a shame, but it would be worse to lose him. That is the biggest worry I have if/when there is a collapse.