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MB the circumstances I can see using regusa rose would be on the upside of a uphill slope. Not close to a house. It would block your line of sight. Used as a hedge I don’t know. I’ve had a lot of practice in the woods and fields bashing thru hedges like these with my atv. Sometimes I see a hedge encircling a field and in 4×4 I go right over it. i wear protective clothes, heavy gloves. With 8 ply tires the thorns have no effect. Its a little bit of a challenge sometimes but fun. A fairly big atv in 700 cc range is much like a battering ram and can be upgraded to armor like a mini tank. Farmers hate them. At least all the ones I’ve met. Their twerky kids run all over the place on them though. I’m to old for deliberate destruction. If you live out in the country you need defense in depth. People don’t creep around they come in 4×4 offroad trucks and atv and dirt bikes and snowmobiles. So many hillbillies so few 50 cal. guns around. lol