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Tolik that cholla is awful stuff. My mom always called it jumping cactus. Lol she said just get near it and pieces of the cactus will wind up on your cloths somewhere waiting to attack when you squat down. Because the thorns have barbs on them you dang near can’t get them out without using pliers. We have something in Texas called Christmas cholla.It is smaller and has these little red prickly pear looking fruits on them. I HATE THAT STUFF. It is pretty to look at but man it is a pain all the way around. The thorns on these have a brittle sheath over them. When you pull the main part of the thorn out often pieces of the sheath stay in the wound. If you don’t get it out it usually will get infected and burns like H#^%$. OH and DO NOT try and mow them down. Particles from the sheaths get airborne and if you breath them in it is bad news.

Tukie mentioned a hot wire. Running a strand about shin high under windows will get someone’s attention if they try to come in through a window. You could also run a strand along the bottom of the window sill. When they put a hand or knee down to come through the window they will be in for a surprise. A friend of mine hooked one to his front door handle when his dad kept coming home drunk. Man what a joke war that turned into. Dad got him back by rigging it to the toilet. That midnight nature call was a shocking experience.