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The record keeping isn’t the issue. It is the auditing, reporting, and data mining that will raise the costs. Those costs (as have already been seen since enforcement of HIPAA) are passed along to the few people who actually pay for health insurance. Those without and don’t pay, those on government programs, and “charity” programs do nothing but drive up costs to everyone else. I work in the healthcare industry (management) and have a graduated degree (MBA) in healthcare administration. Trust me when I say that anyone who gets to actually see the healthcare costs per patient before 1996 and the costs after 2000 when HIPAA started driving prices and isn’t clouded by a political agenda has to agree that HIPAA and HITECH were bad laws. It is in black and white. These laws DID NOT set security for patient health records. They OPENED UP access to everyone but the patient……

This does nothing but bypass the patient health record security regulations so that the government can do as they please. Considering this administration is 100% about turning our citizens into subjects, you don’t have to work at the Jiffy Lube to know that there are some personal agendas getting ready to be forced upon us. For instance: This makes it where anyone EVER saying that they feel depressed can be given a mental health ICD code and LEOs can show up at your doorstep to take you guns…. You can be denied life insurance based upon “clerical errors” that no one will fix…… Be denied a government job because you have ED….. Whatever.

I see some bad things coming, people……