<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Angus wrote:</div>How is the quality of ptr91. Does anyone have any personal experience with it. This entire thread has been very informative.

The PTR rifles except for a small number that had improper chamber fluting are equal to or better than the originals.

Much of their parts are made by/on the Portuguese machinery if memory serves,

Obe thing about the fluted chamber design, some of them really don’t like commercial brass, its softer and can have serious case head separations. Stick to military brass if you can.
However the conmon fallacy stating that you can’t reload the brass, is an untruth. You can reload it, you just have a little more work involved.

Personally I prefer the FAL, its user serviceable, more ergonomic and the gas system is much easier to deal with.

I can build FALs off the back of my truck with a hitch mounted vise and a single bag of tools. The G3 (PTR) requires a welder and grinder. Not so good for the home builder/serviceability.

There’s a number of opinions about both guns over on the “newrhodesian forums”, by guys who used both in combat.
Almost to a man, they preferred the FAL.