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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>Malgus mentioned the acacia bush. I’m not familiar with that plant but I can suggest the rugusa rose for fence lines or under windows. They are impenetrable and will shred your skin if you try. As an added bonus you can make tea with the rose hips, they are very fragrant and rather attractive when in bloom. Perhaps the best part is they will grow just about anywhere. I had some at my last house and would cut them to the ground every few years when they started getting a little ratty looking and they’d quickly regenerate into lush new bushes in a single season. They’ll even grow in sand at the beach. Up on the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, a truly wild frigid terrain where mountains abruptly descend into the ocean, the only shrub you’ll find around homes are rugosa roses because it apparently is the only shrub that survives the climate. They will also get as big as you’ll let them via sending off runners that new shoots come up from.

I’ve heard there are whole fields of plants like these growing in western ny. But its called multiflora rose. You don’t cut it because its a waste of time. You spray it with roundup poison. Its uncontrolable. You would be crazy to plant it around your house. It can’t be killed once its established. Back 40-50 years ago the soil conservation service encouraged people to grow it. Big mistake. People lose control of the plants they cultivate and then they become a problem to big to
deal with. Better you use land mines instead.

Those little triangle signs that say “mines”. Disregarde at your own risk. lol esp under windows.

*Ragnar Benson has a book on how to make homemade claymore mines. Readily available on Amazon. Not very useful though since only the military has reliable C4.

MB…. Thinking about it however the idea of a shrub as a fence would work. We’ve tried Hawthorn as a protective barrier along a property line. They have spikes.