<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>oldfatguy wrote:</div>No offense, Whirlibird, but I have to challenge you on Savage RIFLES (not shotguns). Savage rifles are (or were in the days of 1970′s model 110′s) tack drivers right out of the box. They were rugged, and reliable, just not as polished or pretty as the Remington 700′s or the Winchester 70′s–both GREAT rifles, but not better, in my experience.

Okay, I’ve had a number of model 70’s in the shop this year.
For example, one was a first year production, has been used in a saddle scabbard daily and looks it, it was in for a scope mount. Still shoots great and works perfectly. Couldn’t talk them into a finish job.
The next, mount change from cheap to better and adding a recoil pad.
The last, a severe cleaning, the bore was heavily coppered up.
Zero parts breakage.

Remington 700’s, lots of trigger issues, frozen triggers, frozen (rusted in place) ejectors, and one broken extractor.

Savages, frozen ejectors, rusted extractor springs, magazine spring failures, one defective factory safety.

Mauser’s, one improperly fit aftermarket safety, scope mounts and recoil pads.

The Savages, tack drivers? Generally. They still have some of the best factory barrels out there. But some of the Rube Goldberg things they have done such as the detachable magazine are almost laughable in their sheer frailty.
Great for the once a year deer hunter, but for the guides north of me who deal with the Grizzly bears daily?
One of my friends and customers started his career with a service this past year. He took a .30-06 110 with him. Within two weeks he brought it home and bought a .45-70 Marlin to get him through until we finish his .458WM Mauser. Also with him, an 870 slug gun and Ruger .44 Mag Blackhawk. Next year, he’s taking a G20 instead of the B’Hawk, easier to carry, shoot and more BB’s.
His 110? Just finished repairing the bolt, it was full of rust and non functional after only a few days.

Certain guns just handle the abuse better.