@ Malgus, we definitely think alike. For a while, I got into the “shiny and new” thing… now I’m getting out of it. My wife- a city-girl- wants me to keep the Mercedes that’s parked in the garage… while I want to get rid of it, put the money towards something more useful. I bought a ’98 Camaro- looks beat to Hell, dingy and plain-looking (even when it was new), but it has a new drivetrain in it, and can really scoot when I need it to. My weapons collection- while in like-new condition- looks plain and definitely NOT sexy… but everything does what it’s supposed to, when I need it to. Even got my wife into the shooting, and she’s become quite handy with the more-easily-controlled 9mm varieties, so that’s what I’ve focused our inventory on… While the MSM media would call my collection an “arsenal,” the gun-collectors out there would laugh at me. Don’t really care.

Now building a SHTF vehicle, if such a thing exists… big, heavy 4×4, that will (again) look rather mundane, but have it where it counts. Don’t know if such a thing is useful, but I could document my build on this forum… I decided it was better to build a rig for $6-8K that is a brute and functional, rather than spend $40K on a new yuppie-mobile that had plastic bumpers and enough electronics to fly a jet.

My current area of work requires me to build and maintain high-dollar data centers for large companies, so the name of the game is “nondescript.” If I hide a data center worth $200M in a building that looks like a chicken-coop,and nobody knows it’s there, than security becomes much easier, and far more effective. The “hobo” look, as it were… ;)