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Add to this all the proliferation of license plate readers that are recording when and where you have been, the growing number of drones with cameras, and all of the spying by the NSA and it is a Brave New World indeed. Though I have nothing to hide and have always been law abiding, all this creeps me out to no end. We should have a right to privacy. If you look at how NY has started using info from mental health providers to now seize guns without any due process, you know that the medical info will increasingly be used against the people rather than to help people. I have never felt the need for counseling of any sort but if I ever do feel I need it, I won’t go because I have to assume,it will eventually be used against me in some manner. We’re getting to the point where being politically incorrect is a defacto crime, and just as the IRS goes after the politically incorrect, so won’t other agencies as they have more and more info on you to draw upon in order to punish you.