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I am ignorant on the gun topic, outside of the fact that I do like shotguns. I have shot a Remington 1100 for the last 25 years, and never had an issue with it. That being said, I had a Benelli once, and a old sawed off police shotgun, don’t remember the make or model..and I still liked the 1100;….the only issue I have is the barrel is too long for home defense. But being a female, I think the shotgun is my best option. a hand gun, takes a lot more training which I don’t have, a deer rifle is ok, but if someone is running at me or one of my kids, I’ll probably miss on pure adrenaline…so I prefer a shotgun. That being said, I would think for what I would use it for, plus an occasional goose hunt, I’d be fine with a cheaper shotgun…but you guys will set me straight I am sure…:)