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Hmmm Robin, another but bigger root cellar would come in handy, if I take off the back and use a backhoe to
dig one out. There is no spring right around that spot which is elevated. The building on top would help insulate it…..I have been wondering how hard it would be to redo it so there was a first floor, keep the ‘staircase’ and create a second floor – that I know I could rent out on the weekends to city folk for a ‘roughing it’ weekend (incinolet toilet but it could have running water easily and electric)

I tried to donate the thing MB to the local pony club/horse showgrounds (theirs are all falling apart), even had a guy that was willing to move the entire thing in one piece for them (they wud have to pay)on a flatbed (for what I thought would be a very reasonable cost) – no go. Hadn’t thought of the ball fields.

If I took it apart I’d keep the lumber – mostly decking board size. It’s just such a big ‘folly’ sitting there that I have to keep up, tree branches cut away from, power-washed, boards screwed in properly etc. Sigh.