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I wouldn’t tear it down just to get rid of it as that would be a waste, but I imagine some non-profit or sports league could put it to good use if they’re willing to come take it apart and relocate it to their site. Maybe they’d even name it after you. We could get a contest going here to come up with the name.

In my experience folks will take just about anything if it’s free. I tore down an old shed/small barn structure that was on its way to falling down and then burnt it where it fell but my work was made easier by a family first coming and taking the metal roof off of it and some sections of wall to reuse on their property, old shelving that was inside it, and other odd pieces of scrap. They also took a bunch of old plastic pipe that had lain behind the shed for many years, a couple small pieces of culvert pipe, an ancient rusted bicycle from the same junk pile, and a few other things that I’d of just had to haul to the dump when I cleaned up the site.