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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>SharpDog wrote:</div>
Price is a real world factor, even for a Benelli fan.

Yes, proper use of resources is a very real factor for most people.

For example, I have been an HK fan for a long time, yet I sold the last of my HK’s into the panic. Cost vs use plus a real world assessment on what the weapon is actually needed for plus what it can do came into play.

I use my shotguns all of the time, from shooting clay pigeons out on the bay, to dragging through the brush hunting, so I know what they are capable of. For most people, their pump shotguns will be functioning long after they are not. Myself, I decided a while back that my shotgun would more than get the job done and if I’m going spend resources on gun stuff I’d rather spend the money on things like body armor, ammo, reloading supplies, a spare, identical weapon to arm others family members, etc.