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If $$ was the only judge in durability or utility, AK’s would be worthless, disposable trash bin items. An AK doesn’t cost very much to make, and the black market price in Latin America for a select fire AKM is only about $300.

If polymer parts were that fragile, Glocks would disintegrate.

People spend a lot on a gun and get married to it. Never marry metal. The Benelli, while a good weapon, like the HK91 and many others it is seriously over priced for what it is on the US civilian market.

To break a polymer trigger housing on a Mossberg during field stripping takes an incredible level of ineptitude.

I’ve field stripped Mossbergs countless times and have yet to break a polymer trigger housing. I fired thousands of rounds out of them, and have yet to get a broken polymer trigger housing. I have seen Mossbergs take fantastic levels of abuse by myself and others, thousands of rounds fired by multiple people, no broken trigger housings.

I live in a salt water environment. I’ve seen corroded shell bases cause a casing to get stuck in a chamber, and the shooter got it unstuck by gripping the pump and slamming the buttstock into a tree trunk several times and the Mossberg worked fine afterwards.

A Mossberg is like an AK, not that expensive, but it keeps working and it gets the job done.

The broken trigger guards at your PD are by far the exception, not the rule. Furthermore, as you stated, they were broken due to repeated incompetent disassembly, not use.

If people don’t learn to properly take their weapon apart, they deserve a broken weapon. I’ve taken Mossbergs apart enough to know that to break a polymer trigger housing takes an extreme level of ineptitude or someone who is trying to break it.

You can break anything if you try. Sounds to me like a bunch of people that didn’t care or were trying to break them. Been there done that with government owned weapons, “Look at this, I bet it can’t take THIS!” … ‘crack’ ‘bend’ ‘break’. Ever seen anyone use their M16’s barrel as a pry bar to assemble a cot or fire a section of cleaning rod with a blank to kill a rabbit?

If polymer bothers people, swap it out for an all metal M590A1 part. There are only two significant parts on an M500 that are synthetic, and those can be swapped out. What pump shotgun survived the US Army’s test? A Mossberg 590A1.

What shotgun did the military use the most in Afghanistan and Iraq? They used mostly Mossberg 590’s and 500’s. They have a milspec version of the 500 that has a 590A1 trigger housing and safety.

Towards the later part of the war they wanted to go semi-auto and started buying the Benelli, but intial deployments of the Benelli were halted due to problems with the Benelli cycling the breaching round. Most of the shotguns in service are still Mossbergs.

As for the Model 12, the last one was made half a century ago. Yeah, it’s metal, and so are all but two parts of a Mossberg 500, and they are easier to get new parts to store ahead of time. Modern pump and semi-auto shotguns are made on CNC machine tools, even the ones made in Turkey. You can simply buy another barrel and toss it on and the fit is good.