Much depends on your coping mechanism.

I have seen guys rise to the occasion while others fall heavily in literally the same situation.

Personally, I wore my badge as my shield, my uniform as a protective layer. I became a different person when wearing it.
And when it came off, so did the stress and worries.

Down time, goofy slapstick movies, classics and so on.
Fantasy books, the kids were amazed to find dad had a full set of the Harry Potter books in the bookcase. That escape, that few pages of fantasy and stress vanished.
Or watching Bogie and Bacal together, or John Wayne beating the bad guys.

The military has long shown movies in camp, so people can turn it off for a couple of hours. My uncle spoke of Bob Hope in Vietnam, my grandfather of Hope in WWII. That connection to the world, to normalcy.

Me, I keep a number of books around, both manuals and fiction.
I keep a bunch of movies that my wife hates around, they’re my connection to condition white.

During particularly bad cases, I’d occasionally sneak off in my patrol car and watch an old Sherlock Holmes movie, letting my brain take abit of time off. Invariably, I’d have the answer by the end of the movie. One investigator I knew would go out and play a couple games of chess, a grandmaster level player, his subconscious would take the down time and put it all together.

Find what works for you and run with it.