EVERYTHING is better with hot sauce.

Some of the rations we were given, early in my military career, were monumentally awful. I mean, really – you could have literally erected a monument to how awful those things were. 1st generation MRE’s that dated to the early 1980’s. Bleah…

Those 1st and 2nd generation MRE’s were so bad that soldiers began using massive amounts of hot sauce. So much, that Tabasco actually made a special camouflaged carrier so a soldier could carry around a big bottle of hot sauce on his LBE, instead of the microscopic teeny weeny bottles that came in the later MRE’s… I still have mine somewhere around here…

Good advice, Kollaps. +1 Brought back some funny (and not so funny) memories…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1