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Another thing about our current situationis that we are continually downsizing our Military without taking into account the consequences of doing so. Proir to WWII, the USA decommisioned many of our ships(I don’t recall how many or percentages). We also downsized our personnel. Now, we are doing the same thing. Those countries that are capable of attacking us are not downsizing at all, if anything , they are maintaining or increasing their capabilities. As things are now, we will be approaching a conflict from a position of supplication rather than a position of strength. Although ‘boots on the ground ” is important, I don’t think that taking money from the defense budget in order to give our Congress a raise or welcoming undocumented workers to our shores is the way to go.
Before people jump down my throat, I do not have a problem with folks immigrating lawfully (my own family immigrated from Scotland years ago) but I do have a problem with people sneaking into our country via the backdoor and then thinking that that gives them the same rights as those who, in some cases, waited until they were authorirized to do so, whether for humanitarian reasons or because they filled a quota from a country. Ron S