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Hbarh – to your question, IMHO, I don’t think the gun registration/gun control issue in the country is going to be the ‘start’ of anything/a tipping point if that is what you mean, into SHTF. A sign of the times, hot-button issue, precursor to other things perhaps. But. When I look around I think bad things are already happening on so many fronts: and much of America already are ‘walking zombies’. Look …everyone’s head is down 24/7 as they walk down a street or go about shopping/errands – heads are down looking at their phones!

The ongoing and expanding droughts and weather that is affecting our country’s main food producing areas are going to result in even higher food prices in the not too distant future. WalMart is already having problems because people are not buying/can’t afford as much food as they used to buy through them.Lack of food is a powerful force. I personally feel the high cost of food combined with some other event that ‘shakes’ the average Joe American – like a major earthquake out west – or a power outage or some duration….just some combination of those things, nationally would be all it would take to start events snowballing. I visit extinctionprotocol.com – and to see the number of earthquakes that are happening around the world increasing (and rarely talked about in the press), together with other natural disasters worldwide all in one place on a site definitely gives one food for thought.

Internationally, some one of the many crazies I have no doubt, is going to do something really brazen and stupid, some ‘Mighty Mite’, and light a match to a bonfire.