The shopping center closest to me got robbed this morning. Nobody got seriously hurt. I weren’t home. Left home about an half an hour before the robbery. Police friend informed me. Every year November, December – this time of year the crime shoots up. Millions of people cross the borders to go back home for Christmas. From the 24 Dec there will be almost no crime. Some places get robbed if they are open on New Year’s Day. Normally it starts picking up around the 15 of January.
With the electricity off, the poor neighbourhood’s get hit hard. The mostly white areas/businesses have got private generators that start instantly as the power goes. If you are clever you also make sure your gate motor runs on a battery that last about a day or two without electricity. Fairly important to be able to get back into your property if electricity goes off while you are out. That is why I believe in spikes on the wall. It slows them down when your electic fence might not be working.